Budget Salary Load and PAFs

The budget salary load process is complete for FY 2021.

What does this mean for departments?

  • Priority goes to PAFs with effective dates that fall within the current pay period.
  • As time allows between payroll cycles, Payroll will process PAFs effective for the start of the upcoming fiscal year.
    • PAFs received in HR on/before May 31 will have the salary/funding overridden by the budget salary load.
    • PAFs received in HR after May 31 override the salary/funding in Banner from the budget salary load.
  • ‚ÄčPAFs effective with the start of the fiscal year should indicate the first day of the first pay period paid in July of new fiscal year as the effective date on the PAF.
    • Exempt (SM) - Use 7/1/2020 for FY 2021. This will pay employees the FY 2020 salary through 6/30 and the FY 2021 salary on/after 7/1.
    • Nonexempt (B2) - Use 6/21/2020 for FY 2021. This will pay employees at the FY 2020 rate for all checks paid through 6/30 and the FY 2021 rate for checks paid on/after 7/1.

Please remember that the budget salary load does not contain pay or funding updates for alphanumeric (pooled) positions.

  • Any pay changes require a PAF.
  • Funding changes (no pay change) only require a Labor EPAF.

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