Paying Students During the Summer

As the summer is quickly approaching, we would like to remind departments of the student I‐9/hiring process and share some additional information to assist with paying students during the summer.

Student I‐9s/Hiring Process

All newly hired student employees (undergraduates and graduates) must complete the Form I‐9 with the Payroll Office before starting employment or training. As a reminder, departments will be charged the USCIS penalty of $1,100 per occurrence if the student begins prior to an I‐9 being completed.

  • Hiring forms (EPAF) will only be accessible to the department after the student completes the I‐9 requirement.

  • Students (all undergraduates and graduates with secondary nonexempt positions not related to the graduate stipend) receive pay based on an hourly rate and are required to submit electronic timesheets for hours worked.

Current Job Assignments during Academic Year

All active academic year job assignments will automatically end Saturday, May 12, 2018.

  • The summer employment period is May 13, 2018 – August 18, 2018.

  • Students registered for Fall 2018 and working beyond May 12, 2018 will require a new hiring form for the summer.

  • EPAF users should select the “Summer Job Assignment EPAF”, which is pre‐populated with a default end date of August 18, 2018, the end date of the summer employment period.

Summer Programs

Students working with a summer program will be paid based on an hourly rate and must submit electronic timesheets for all hours worked.

  • One‐time payments (or salary paid over multiple installments) for employment will not be accepted as this does not comply with Department of Labor wage guidelines.

  • Departments are encouraged to contact Payroll at x3410 or with any questions/concerns regarding the payments for their program.

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