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RCA Third Party Cost Sharing Form Certification of fulfillment of non-subcontract third party cost sharing commitment.

Academic Year Time (Faculty) Excel (Adobe Sign)

Salary distribution for sponsored projects
Payables Authorization for Automatic Deposits Authorization for Automatic Deposits form
Property Accounting Authorization to Remove Equipment Form Used to remove any equipment from campus
Property Accounting Bill of Sales and Release of Liability Form Used when equipment is sold off campus
Payables BMEE Form BMEE Form
General Accounting Budget Transfer Application Budget Transfer Application
Cashier Cash Count pdf form To record daily cash received
Payables Clearing Form: Non-Travel Clearing Form: Non-Travel
Payables Clearing Form: Travel/Events Clearing Form: Travel/Events
RCA Cost Transfer Justification Sample Samples of justifiable reasons for Cost Transfers.
Payables Dependent Care Spending Account Reimbursement Process performed by WageWorks
Cashier Detail Code Request pdf form To create new detail code or to change an existing detail code.
Property Accounting Equipment Invoice Form Used when equipment is sold off campus
RCA, General Accounting EX Form Checklist Checklist to verify that all documents and procedures have been properly followed for EX form completion.
General Accounting Ex Form Instructions This form contains instructions on how to complete the Expense and Revenue Corrections Form via WebApps.
General Accounting Expense and Revenue Correction Form This form is used to move specific expense or revenue transactions from one fund/org/account/activity code to another, to add an activity code to a previously completed transaction.
RCA Expense Write-off Template excel file Template for journal to write off overages on R-funds.
Cashier External Upload File Template excel file For submitting Charge/Credit charges from external sources to be uploaded to BANNER by the Cashiers Office.
Payables Faculty/Staff Purchasing Card Application Faculty/Staff Purchasing Card Application
RCA General Purpose Equipment Certification Certification letter that specified equipment purchase will be used for designated research project.
General Accounting Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) This form is used for internal sales from one Rice department to another Rice department. Use this form to charge another department for services performed by your department.
Cashier Inventory and Sales Control Used to balance inventory fund.
RCA Labor Redistribution Procedures Reference Manual for OLR
Payables Medical Spending Account Reimbursement Process performed by WageWorks
Payables Mileage Voucher Form Mileage Voucher Form
Cashier Missing Receipt Affidavit pdf file Used for submitting reimbursements to the Cashiers Office with missing receipts.
RCA, Property Accounting Notice of Fabrication_Request Fabrication Funds Used when equipment is fabricated
RCA OLR Quick Guide Online labor redistributions quick start guide.
General Accounting Online EX and IDT Class This form is used for the Online EX and IDT class.
Cashier Petty Cash Fund Reconciliation pdf file Used to reconcile and certify funds annually or to be used when a new Petty Cash Fund Custodian is appointed.
Cashier Petty Cash Voucher pdf file Used for Petty Cash reimbrusement requests.
Cashier Petty/Temporary Cash Fund pdf file Used when requesting a new Petty Cash Fund, to increase an existing Petty Cash Fund, for Temporty Cash Fund requests, and Annual Petty Cash Fund certifications.
Property Accounting Property Control Registration Form - Hazardous Materials Used to document purchased/disposal of hazardous materials.
Property Accounting Property Control Registration Form Definitions - Hazardous Materials PCR Registration form definitions for Hazardous Materials
Property Accounting Property Control Registration Form Definitions PCR Registration form definitions
Property Accounting Property Control Registration Form Used to document equipment acquisitions (Also online)
Payables Purchasing Card "D" Clearing Fund Application Purchasing Card "D" Clearing Fund Application
Payables Purchasing Card Change Form Purchasing Card Change Form
Cashier Rate and Residency Code Upload File Template excel file Used for submitting Rate and Residency Code changes for upload to the Cashiers Office.
RCA Rebudgeting Request: Research Funds Rebudgeting request form - Research Funds - R funds
Payables Relocation Reimbursement Expense Form Relocation Reimbursement Expense form
RCA Research Equipment Procurement Form Research Equipment Procurement Form
RCA Salary Conversion Template: Months and Amounts Template for monthly salary converstion
Cashier Separation of Duties pdf file To be used for sales and service collections, cashiering, and general cash receipting activities.
Payables Signature Authority Form Signature Authority Form
Payables Student Purchasing Card Application Student Purchasing Card Application
Cashier Student Tuition/Fee Waiver Request pdf file For the purpose of applying tuition and/or required fee waivers based on academic program assessment rules or special program waivers not applied by the Office of Financial Aid.
RCA Subaward Closeout and Certification pdf file Certification by subawardee to attest that all financial obligations have been fulfilled and to disclose equipment and inventions.
Payables Texas Sale Use Tax Exemption Certificate_Signed Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification form
Payroll Timesheet: Staff Bi-Weekly Excel Staff filllable bi-weekly timesheet
Payroll Timesheet: Student Bi-Weekly Student fillable bi-weekly timesheet
Property Accounting Transfer of Equipment for Incoming PI Form To be completed when PI rings equipment to Rice
Property Accounting Transfer of Title for Existing Professors Form To be complete when PI takes equipment from Rice
Property Accounting Useful Lives Spreadsheet Defines asset types and useful lives
Payables W-8BEN for Foreign Companies Blank W-8BEN form for companies
Payables W-8BEN for Foreign Individuals Blank W-8BEN form for individuals
Payables W-9 tax form for Rice University Completed W-9 for Rice University
Payables W-9 tax form - U.S Vendors

Blank W-9 for US Vendors

Procurement Rice Sole Source Application

Rice Sole Source Application

Procurement Supplier Bid Competition Form

Supplier Bid Competition Form

Procurement Rice University Standard Short Form Contract

Rice University Standard Short Form Contract

Procurement RStandard Conditions to Rice University Purchase Order

Standard Conditions to Rice University Purchase Order

Procurement Professional Services Agreement

Professional Services Agreement

Procurement ISF Form

ISF Form

Procurement Sponsored Project Equipment Procurement Form

Sponsored Project Equipment Procurement Form

Procurement Research Equipment Procurement Form

Research Equipment Procurement Form

The Controller's Office is located in the Cambridge Office Building, also known as COB, at the intersection of S.Main street and Cambridge street.

In this building you will find the the following Departments:

The Cashier's Office is a division of the Controllers Office, however, it is located in the Allen Center, directly behind the Cambridge Office building.

Our Location:

Cambridge Office Building
6100 Main Street MS 70
Houston, Texas 77005-1827