General Accounting

General Accounting FAQs

Which form should I use?
Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)

This form should be used for internal sales from one Rice department to another Rice department. The department making the sale should use their fund and org codes with account 58100. Departments making sales in large volume typically send the IDT electronically to the Controller's Office once a month, with a paper information copy of the transaction to the department charged. Examples: Rice Catering, Telecommunication, and Delivery Services. Smaller transactions are sent on paper by the selling department to the buying department for signature and then to the Controller's Office for processing. Examples: Sammy's charging for the Athletics training table, Food & Housing charging for case soda delivered to your office, Biochemistry charging research funds (r funds) for animal care, and charges to participating departments for shared copier use. On your Banner runs, these transactions appear with the journal type (rule code) X_01, where the _ is: F for Facilities, M for Mail, or 0 for paper IDT's. Completed forms should be sent to the Controller's Office for processing.

Expense Transfers

This form is used to correct a transaction that has already taken place. For example, copier use was charged to A1 that really should have been charged to a D fund. The credit side of the transaction would be the A1 fund, and the debit side of the transaction would be the D fund. You may use this form to correct a deposit voucher, but in that case the credit/debit sides are reversed.(For an expense, credit the wrong code. For a revenue, debit the wrong code.) The code mistakenly used for the deposit would be debited, while the correct code would be credited. Attaching documentation, such as copies of the original charge, to the expense transfer speeds processing. The amounts used on an expense transfer should represent a specific transaction, although you may make partial changes. For example, charge _ of expenses for an event to each of two participating departments. Do not use this form to move payroll expenses. Special rules apply to Research funds. Completed forms should be sent to the Controller's Office for processing.

Budget Transfer Application

This application is used to change a budgeted amount in A1 or move a lump sum of money between funds. For example, while a staff position was vacant, your department employed a temporary through a temporary agency. The budget for this labor expense is in 6xxxx, but the expense is in 7xxxx. To address this issue, you would complete a budget transfer to decrease your 6xxxx budget and increase your 7xxxx budget. When moving fund balance to or from a D fund, G fund or H fund, use account 80400. Completed forms should be sent to the Budget Office for processing.

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