Invoice & Credit Memo Requirements

Supplier Guide to Invoice & Credit Memo Requirements

Rice University will only accept invoices directly from suppliers. Invoices shall not be distributed to customers directly and instead sent directly to and must contain the information listed below in ordered to be considered valid. Rice University will not accept supplier statements or copies of purchase orders as substitutions for a supplier invoice.

  1. Include a valid, Rice University PO number
  2. Include a unique invoice number. Duplicate invoice numbers will delay payment significantly
  3. Include the word “Invoice” clearly printed on the top of the document
  4. Include an “Invoice date” on the document
  5. Include a description of the goods provided or services rendered that matches the PO issued
  6. Be printed on the supplier's logo or letterhead
  7. Include a “remit to” pay address that matches the payment address registered in the Rice University Supplier Portal
  8. Include a current amount due (not a balance forward).
  9. Include the person’s name who ordered the merchandise/service
  10. Include the department’s name who ordered the merchandise/service
  11. “Bill to” should be Rice University
  12. Include discount options (if applicable)
  13. Include payment terms (e.g. Net-30)
  14. Invoice must include only ONE purchase order number. Each purchase order number needs a separate invoice number.

Rejected Invoices

Invoices which do not meet the invoice requirements above will be rejected for non-compliance. The supplier will be notified of the rejection and why. It is the supplier's sole responsibility to re‐submit the invoice, corrected, with proper information in a timely manner to ensure prompt payment. Upon receipt of a corrected invoice, a new due date will be calculated. Payments will not be issued based on statements.

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