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For Rice University Employees Only: Preferred Supplier List

Rice University partners with suppliers to provide goods and/or services. Suppliers are both business and individuals who are actively engaged in business with the University or are being considered for various opportunities around campus. The Rice University Procure to Pay Department requires all active suppliers to register, upon invitation, in the Rice University supplier portal.

Rules for Suppliers

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Prospective Suppliers
Current Suppliers
How do Rice departments request a supplier be added to iO?

Prospective Suppliers

As a prospective supplier it is important to understand how Rice University conducts business with its suppliers. Click here for more information on registering as a supplier at Rice University.

Rice University Standard Terms & Conditions
Conflict of Interest Policy
Code of Conduct
Supplier Requirements

Current Suppliers

Rice University is proud and honored that you are one of our valued supplier partner. Thank you for your diligence and we look forward to doing business together. Please take the time to manage your information at our supplier portal as required (change of address, change in points of contact, etc.) as this is our link to you as a supplier partner and it is vital to keep information current. A current supplier at Rice University will be kept live in our system until there are no transactions registered for a period of thirteen months. If a supplier is removed for our system, they will be required to re-register if a new demand for their goods and/or services is presented to the P2P Department.

Insurance Requirements
Standard Terms & Conditions
Submit an Invoice
Blank Invoice Template
Supplier Expectations
Manage Supplier Profile Job Aid

How do Rice departments request a supplier be added to iO?

All suppliers will be required to manage their own supplier profiles in iO. Further details on that process can be found below under "Prospective Suppliers".

Departments will not be sending suppliers to the portal, but will submit a HCM/FIN Help Desk service request to the Supplier Registration/Activation category to initiate a supplier adoption. Once Procure to Pay receives the request, we will reach out to the suppliers with their login information and a link to the information listed below, which includes Job Aids on how to manage and complete the portal.

You will be required to include the following information:

  1. Supplier’s Contact Name:
  2. Supplier Contact E-mail:
  3. Supplier Contact Phone #:
  4. Supplier Company Name:
  5. Brief Description of Goods/Services (i.e. software, type of service, etc.):
  6. Rice Department:
  7. Estimated Annual Spend:
  8. Estimated Annual Document Count:

***Please note that the HCM/FIN Help Desk is only open to Rice University users. ***

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