Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

What is the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)?

The EPAF is an electronic form submitted by departments to initiate a student hire, a student job change or termination, or a labor distribution change.  Once submitted by the department, the EPAF is routed electronically to the department approver and other required approvers (Financial Aid, Research and Cost Accounting, and/or Payroll).  After approvals are received, Payroll reviews the EPAF as the final step in the process and applies the EPAF into Banner.

There are five EPAF types available to departments:

  • Student Job Assignment – Hires a student during any employment period (academic year or summer).  
  • Student Job Assignment (One-Time Event) – Hires a student for a one-time event with an employment period lasting no longer than one week.  
  • Student Job Change – Changes a pay rate and/or job title for an active job assignment. 
  • Student Termination – Ends an active job assignment.  This is required when a student leaves a job before the end of the employment period.  
  • Labor Distribution Changes - Updates the labor distribution for future payrolls.  This is for staff (exempt and nonexempt), undergraduate students, and graduate students with nonexempt positions.  

The following information will be needed to complete an EPAF:

  • Student Job Assignment – ID Number or Name, Start Date of the Job, Title, Timesheet Org, Hourly Rate, and Labor Distribution (funding source)
  • Student Job Assignment (One-Time Event) – ID Number or Name, Start and End Dates of the Job, Title, Timesheet Org, Hourly Rate, and Labor Distribution (funding source)
  • Student Job Change – ID Number or Name, Date of Change, Position/Suffix, and New Hourly Rate and/or Title 
  • Student Termination – ID Number or Name, Termination Date, Position/Suffix
  • Labor Distribution Changes - ID Number or Name, Date of Change, Position/Suffix, and Labor Distribution (funding source)

Refer to the EPAF process in ESTHER at Employee > Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) for more information.  The links within the EPAF menu provide guides for accessing EPAFs, approving EPAFs, and troubleshooting tips.  The EPAF screens guide originators through the process to submit an EPAF successfully without errors regardless of the EPAF type.

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