Student Employment/Payment Periods

Student employment/payment periods are defined by the academic calendar and apply to all students paid on the bi-weekly pay cycle. Graduate research assistants, teaching assistants, and instructors of record follow these employment periods now that all students are paid bi-weekly. Beginning July 1, 2024, fellows will also follow these payment periods and will be paid bi-weekly.

Employment/payment periods begin with the first day of classes (the start of the applicable semester) and conclude with the official last day of the applicable semester. In some programs, students may participate in orientation or other bootcamp activities before the first day of classes. Graduate programs may, at their discretion, begin a new cohort's pay early in these cases.  

  • The spring semester 2024 employment period is January 8, 2024 – April 30, 2024 (pay periods BW 2 - BW 10).
  • The summer 2024 employment period is April 29, 2024 – August 9, 2024 (pay periods BW 10 - BW 17).
  • The fall semester 2024 employment period is August 26, 2024 – December 17, 2024 (pay periods BW 19 2024 - BW 1 2025).
  • The spring semester 2025 employment period is January 13, 2025 – May 6, 2025 (pay periods BW 3 - BW 11).
  • The summer 2025 employment period is May 4, 2025 – August 15, 2025 (pay periods BW 11 - BW 18).
  • The fall semester 2025 employment period is August 25, 2025 – December 16, 2025 (pay periods BW 19 2025 - BW 1 2026).
  • The spring semester 2026 employment period is January 12, 2026 – May 5, 2026 (pay periods BW 3 - BW 11).

Please keep in mind:

Social Security and Medicare tax withholdings will apply if an employed student is not enrolled in a minimum of five credit hours (graduate students) or six credit hours (undergraduate students) by the end of the pay period. Students who are actively working over the summer before matriculation should be enrolled as an early matriculant.

International students may not work beyond their valid I-9 expiration date.

The following resources are provided to assist with iO actions. 

  • HCMI Guide to Best Practices for iO Actions (new update coming soon!) - guidance on hiring, maintaining and ending assignments, creating and terminating work relationships, and additional helpful resources
  • Salary Calculator - tool to assist with calculating bi-weekly salary amounts for RA/TA/Instructors of Record assignments
  • Payroll Schedules - refer to the bi-weekly payroll dates for cutoff dates, pay dates, and HR deadlines

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