Research & Cost Accounting

Advance Spending Fund

What is an Advance Spending Fund?

An Advance Spending Fund is a sponsored project fund established prior to completion of the award process.

When is an Advance Spending Fund Needed?

  1. Spending has started on a new project for which an award is still in process; or
  2. There is a reasonable expectation of a new award and spending will soon start on the project; or
  3. Experience with the sponsor has demonstrated incremental funding will be either
    • a new award, or
    • an amendment with "separable funding" limitations.

Reasons for Advance Spending Fund:

  • To allow for proper coding of expenses.
  • To reduce the number of cost transfers and salary re-distributions.

What is needed to establish an Advance Spending Fund?

  • PI / Department:
    • Completes the Pre-Award/Advance Spending Request in Cayuse. The instructions are available on the  SPARC website.
    • Obtains needed approval.
    • Processes the request in Cayuse.
  • Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance (SPARC):
    • Advises on the current status of the proposal.
    • Forwards the requests and proposal information to RCA for setup.
  • Research and Cost Accounting:
    • Sets up the fund using the same process as that for a new award.
      • "Adv Spndg" used as award ID in the fund title.
      • Budget is not entered until after the award is received.
    • Updates the Banner codes and information as required after the award is received.

Advance Spending Fund or Pre-Award Period Approval?

  • Advance Spending Fund is appropriate when there is no award yet in place.
  • Pre-Award Periodapproval is needed when >an award is in place, and the PI requests that the >project start date be back-dated for up to 90 days.
    • Pre-award approval is requested and processed via the Pre-Award/ Advance Spending Request form discussed above.
    • When a pre-award period has been approved, RCA will update Fund Text to indicate the revised start date.

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