Research & Cost Accounting

“R” Fund Numbering

When a new award is received, one of the first steps is to assign an appropriate fund number. This six-digit number is used to identify the award in the accounting system as well as allow for summarized financial reporting. The first digit in the fund number represents the fund type (e.g., “D” for Designated and “R” for Sponsored Project). All funds assigned to Research & Cost Accounting begin with an “R”. The second digit indicates the agency type and is determined based upon the following criteria:

2nd Digit Source Description
0 Foundation Private foundations (excluding Welch)
1 Federal Federal agencies, excluding NSF, NASA, NIH, and DHHS, which are identified separately. Includes NEA, Air Force, Navy, Army, EPA, DOE, etc.
2 Federal NIH and DHHS
3 Federal NSF
4 Foundation Welch Foundation
5 Federal NASA
6 Private Individual corporations
7 Federal Federal pass-through
8 State / Local State and local government, including state universities
9 Private Private other, including private universities

The first five digits of the six-digit fund number identify the project. The parent funds ends in zero (0), and subfunds are sequential and assigned as needed.

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