University Awards

Rice‐funded awards that are made to faculty or staff through a competitive process (such as: Faculty Initiative Fund; Enhancing Rice Through Information Technology program; Shell Center; and similar seed funding programs managed by different units) will be established in iO as University Awards.

Each Rice‐funded award will have a unique Award number and be established in iO in the organization of the recipient. RCA establishes the award in iO. The recipient of the Award is responsible for ensuring the funding is transferred to their Org's funding source. At the closing of the award, unspent funds will need to be returned to the funder of the award.

Setup of University Awards

For RCA to establish the University Award in iO, please provide the following information in a helpdesk ticket in iO:

  • PI Name
  • Co-PI Name (if any)
  • Project Manager
  • Award Participants
  • Award Name as you'd like it listed in SPFF
  • Award Title
  • Award Amount
  • Award Org
  • Start and End Date
  • Award Purpose (Research or Instruction)
  • Award Category (Basic, Applied, or Experimental research)
  • HERD Field of Study
  • THECB Category
  • THECB Special Interest
  • Award Agreement

A budget break-down can be provided at the time you make your request. If no break-down is provided, the entire budget will be entered as ODC.

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