iO Purchase Order and Invoice Statuses

Requisition Statuses

Approved - A requisition is approved if on initial submission for approval it was approved. The requisition retains the status of approved unless all the active lines on the requisition have a different status. Then, the new status is rolled up to the requisition header.

Note: An approved requisition can contain lines with other statuses such as returned, withdrawn, rejected, and so on. For example, a requisition with multiple lines is approved, so both the header and the lines are approved. If a buyer returns a line, the header and line remain approved with the exception of the returned line, which will have the status of returned. If a line from the approved requisition is withdrawn, the status remains the same for the other lines and header.

Canceled - A requisition is canceled if all the lines on the requisition except for those with a status of split or replaced have a status of canceled.

Pending Approval - A requisition line that's submitted but hasn't yet gone through the approval process is pending approval. A requisition is pending approval if all the active lines on the requisition are pending approval.

Incomplete - A requisition is incomplete when it not submitted for approval or when all the active lines have a status of incomplete. Rejected - A requisition is rejected if all the active lines on the requisition have a status of rejected (all the active lines were rejected during the approval process).

Returned - A requisition is returned if all the active lines on the requisition have a status of returned (all the active lines on the requisition have been returned by the buyer).

Withdrawn - A requisition can be withdrawn after submission for approval if, for example, modifications to the requisition are required. This gives the requisition withdrawn status.

Requisition Funds Statuses

Not applicable - There is no control budget that applies to a requisition distribution.

Passed - The funds check passed successfully, meaning, funds are available and the budgetary control period is open for all control budgets that apply to the requisition distributions.

Failed - The funds check failed either because a period is closed or funds are not available for one or more control budgets that apply to the requisition distributions.

Warning - The funds are insufficient but the control budget allows for a tolerance amount or percentage over the available budget. This check funds status does not prevent the user from submitting the requisition for approval. Upon submission, the user will receive a warning message and decide whether to continue with the approval.

Reserved - The funds check passed successfully, funds are reserved and the commitment is created.

Liquidated - The commitment is reversed and the obligation is created for the purchase order associated with the requisition line.

Requisition Attachment Categories

Attachment Category Available in Edit Requisition Header? Available in Edit Requisition Line? Displayed in the Requisition Approval Notification? Displayed in Process Requisitions View? Displayed in the Purchase Order Document Line Attachments? Displayed to the Receiver? Displayed to the Supplier? Use Cases (Examples)
Internal to Requisition Yes Yes No No No Yes No Sole Source Justification, Multiple Bid Documents
To Approver Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Email chains or written approvals
To Buyer Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Required for Non-Standard Disbursement
To Receiver Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
To Supplier Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Information for supplier, such as quote
Miscellaneous Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Any additional documentation that should be attached to the purchase order.

Purchase Order Statuses

Open – A PO has a remaining amount that has not yet been invoiced or received. This results from not been an order not being fully completed, which can be viewed in the requisition/PO lifecycle. It is the departments’ responsibility to determine if these orders should remain open, or if further action should be taken (see Change Order Process below).

Closed for Receiving – A PO has a receipt has been created, but the PO has not been fully invoiced. For further information, departments should contact

Closed for Invoicing – A PO has an invoice that has been posted to the PO, but has not been received partially or in full. The individual who is Entered by or Requester will need to create a receipt for the open amount or quantity. **NOTE** Non-Standard Disbursements do not need a receipt, but will be left in the “Closed for Invoicing” status. If you wish to close NSD POs, you can create a receipt without it causing duplicate or delayed payment.

Closed – A PO has been fully received and fully invoiced and does not need further action. A purchase order is closed when all transactions have been completed, and there is a 3-way match (i.e., the items have been fully or partially received and invoiced). Consequently, receipt corrections may be necessary before changing the order to the invoiced amount.

Canceled – A PO has been canceled by the department, and will not be invoiced. Cancellation of a Purchase Order (PO) is only possible if there are no matched or paid invoices associated with the PO, and the goods have not been or will not be received. The supplier’s approval may be required for the cancellation process to proceed.

Invoice Statuses

Validated - An invoice has been processed, and the three way match has been completed (Purchase Order, Receipt, and Invoice). The invoice is queue for payment per the supplier terms. Please note that Rice University's standard terms are Net 30, and payment will be remitted 30 days from the invoice date.

Needs Revalidation -

  1. If the purchase order status is "Closed for Invoicing" and the Invoice "Needs Revalidation", the Entered by or Requester must create a receipt to complete the three way match.
  2. If a receipt has been created, ensure that the received amount matches the invoice amount, and correct if necessary.
  3. If your invoice has been fully received, email for further assistance.

Incomplete - The invoice has been upload to iO, but has not been touched by a processor to validate the invoice. Please allow ten business days for the invoice to be processed before reaching out to the payment team at

Payment Statuses

Cleared - Payment has been received and accepted by the supplier (check has been cashed, ACH has been deposited, or Wire Transfer has been confirmed).

Negotiable - Payment has been sent to the supplier, but it has not been received/accepted by the supplier. (The Check has been sent but the supplier has not received it, the ACH is pending with the bank, or Wire Transfer has not yet been confirmed).

Voided - Payment has been voided, likely due to a bank file error, and will be reissued.

Payment Document Types

Rice Check - A physical check is sent to the remittance address on file in the P2P Supplier profile.

Electronic - ACH - Companies and Individuals using a US Bank are able to sign up for direct deposit/ACH.

Wire Transfer - Companies and Individuals using a foreign bank are able to sign up for Wire Transfer.

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