Payment Methods


Rice University's preferred method of payment is check. Check files are sent to Chase Bank every Monday, and checks are mailed on Tuesday, with the exception of holidays.

Single Use Account (SUA) Cards

Suppliers have the option of signing up for a single use account card, which can be a quicker method of payment. Please email for more information regarding this payment method.

Wire Transfers

Under certain circumstances, it is necessary for a department to request payment be made by wire transfer. Due to the time involved and the complexity of the transaction, wire transfers are discouraged unless no other payment method will suffice.

The University is charged a transaction fee by the bank for each wire transfer. This fee will be passed on to the requesting department.

  • Personnel within the department requesting payment should contact the vendor for specific details (i.e., bank instructions) regarding wiring instructions.
  • The request (invoice or Non-Standard Disbursement) should be entered in iO, along with wire instructions and appropriate back up. You must include "Wire Transfer Required" in the Special Handling field, otherwise a physical check will be produced.
  • The transaction fee will be expensed to the fund/org codes designated on the check request for the wire payment.

Global Wire Payment Guide

ACH/Direct Deposit

To set up direct deposit, please contact

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The Cashier's Office is a division of the Controllers Office, however, it is located in the Allen Center, directly behind the Cambridge Office building.

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