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Debner+Company is a leading full-service furniture dealership providing workspace solutions and space planning services for the modern workplace. As Houston’s premier Knoll dealer, Debner+Company have planned and installed thousands of workstations for clients from numerous industries. Debner+Company assemble teams of experts to deliver integrated services built on experience and expertise to provide solutions for any office environment.

Steps for Purchasing Furniture from Debner

  1. Departments planning to purchase furniture, please contact FE&P Project Manager - Interiors, LouAnn Holmes, at 

  2. Facilities will provide a proposal

  3. Department creates a requisition and purchase order for the quote/proposal. 

    Vendor Name
    Order Number/Proposal Number/Quote Number
    Details of Proposal (Line Items)

    1. First, locate the proposal, and identify the 3 important pieces of information:
    2. On the Home Page, find the link to the Non-Catalog Order Form under the search bar at the top center of the page. 
    3. Then you will enter the name of the supplier from the proposal: Debner+Company (GL Seaman & Company Houston), the system will begin giving you options in a drop-down menu. Select your supplier.
    4. Once you select the vendor, you will notice distribution information about that vendor is automatically populated. This information is where the PO will be sent when it is approved (either an email address or fax number).
    5. Then you will take the information from the proposal and enter it into the individual line items within the Non-Catalog Order Form. Add the catalog number if it is known, the stock number, or whatever identifying number the vendor needs to fill your order accurately.
      • Product Description (DESCRIPTION) 
      • Catalog Number (Product) 
      • Quantity of the items you want (QTY) 
      • Pricing PER ITEM (SELL)
      • Packaging (commonly called unit of issue).  Take care in being specific on your Packaging.  If it is cases, select CS, not EA (each), for example. 


    1. Then you will click "Save and Add Another" because there is a second line item on the proposal that needs to be added.


    2. "Save and Close" will close the window. Your item(s) have been added to your active cart. To open the cart and process it, select it from the upper right corner of the Home Page. Click on the amount next to the shopping cart. 
    3. From here, process your cart normally You MUST include the documentation in your Shopping Cart to assist the vendor in honoring the pricing you are trying to take advantage of. Use the External Attachments feature in the requisition page. Click here to see how to do that.

  4. Once the order has been received, the department must create a receipt in Rice Marketplace.

    1. Type your PO number in the top right corner search bar. 

    2. In the top right corner of the screen, you will see a drop down for "Available Actions".
      • To receive a purchase order for goods, select "Create Quantity Receipt" and then click "Go". At this point, you will be able to change the "Quantity" amount for each line item in the bottom right corner. Change the amount to match the invoice lines. Example: If you ordered 10 items, but only received 5, you would change the line item quantity to 5.

      • To receive a purchase order for services, select "Create a Cost Receipt" and then click "Go". At this point, you will be able to change the "Cost" amount for each line item in the bottom left corner. Change the amount to match the invoice lines. Example: If you're line item is for $100, but your invoice is for $50 of the total, then you will change the amount to $50.
    3. Click "Save Updates"

    4. OPTIONAL: You can enter the packing slip number and attach the packing slip.

    5. Click COMPLETE in the top right corner.

The Controller's Office is located in the Cambridge Office Building, also known as COB, at the intersection of S. Main street and Cambridge street.

In this building you will find the the following Departments:

The Cashier's Office is a division of the Controllers Office, however, it is located in the Allen Center, directly behind the Cambridge Office building.

Our Location:

Cambridge Office Building
6100 Main Street MS 70
Houston, Texas 77005-1827