Procure to Pay

Blanket Purchase Orders

What is a blanket purchase order?

A blanket purchase order is a PO in which a customer places with its supplier to allow multiple delivery dates over a period of time, often negotiated to take advantage of predetermined pricing. It is normally used when there is a recurring need for expendable goods or services.

When to Use a Blanket Purchase Order

Departments may identify a requirement to issue a purchase order to a supplier where the delivery of the goods and/or services occurs multiple times over a distinct period of time. For example, consulting services that may be quotes at a price for the entire period but will be billed in installments based on when the consultant actually works, then submits an invoice periodically to cover only that particular period of work.

How to Determine Your Type of Blanket Purchase Order

  1. Fixed Price - An agreement in which the supplier will invoice Rice on a pre-determined, recurring schedule (ie: Monthly, Quarterly) for a fixed amount
  2. Draw Down - An agreement in which the supplier will invoice Rice at irregular intervals and irregular amounts, either when work is complete, or goods are delivered.

Steps to Create a Blanket Purchase Order

  1. Determine which type of blanket purchase order you wish to create: Fixed Price or Draw Down.
    1. Fixed Price: Order by Quantity
    2. Draw Down: Order by Dollar Amount
  2. Attach necessary documentation to the requisition and submit.
  3. Once the purchase order is created, the Requester must create a receipt for each invoice that is posted against the blanket purchase order.
  4. Once the purchase order is fully received and invoiced, it will close automatically.
  5. If the purchase order has remaining funds and the department wishes to close the PO, the Entered by must complete a change order to close the purchase order.

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