How to Pay a Supplier

Note that suppliers should be instructed to send their invoice for goods or services for approved purchase orders to our AP Processors at with a corresponding PO Number, and not to individuals or departments.

Purchasing Method Purpose Procedures & Instructions
Purchasing Card (PCard)

Most items for less than $3,000 may be purchased with a PCard.

Purchasing Cards are best used for:

  • Supplies and Services under $3,000
  • One time purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Orders that require immediate payment
PCard policies and procedures
Purchase Orders (PO)
(Required over $3,000)

Most goods and services will be processed via a requisition, and a corresponding purchase order that will be sent to the supplier. Once the goods or services have been provided to Rice University, departments must enter a receipt in iO. Suppliers should invoices directly with the PO number.

Order using iO
Blanket Purchase Orders
Create a Receipt for a Purchase Order
Invoice and Credit Memo Requirements

Non-Standard Disbursements

Departments may create a requisition for payment purposes for the following procurement categories:

  • Cash Awards and Prizes
  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Dues and Memberships
  • Guest Fellowships
  • Honorarium
  • Medical Visits
  • Permits, Parking Permits, Licensing, Fees & Visas
  • Research Participant Payments
  • Royalties
  • Sports Official Fees
  • Student Organizations and Events
  • Utilities
  • Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement
  • Charity/Donations
  • Taxes

If the requisition falls within any other procurement category, a Requisition and Purchase Order must be issued.

Create a Non-Standard Disbursement

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